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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the Ride for TinyTown benefit?

DeSoto Cares Homeless Services. All registration fees and donations go directly to DeSoto Cares. Ride expenses will be deducted from ride income and event sponsor donations.

Who is DeSoto Cares Homeless Services?

DeSoto Cares Homeless Services began operating under the initial auspices of the Arcadia Housing Authority Foundation.  Volunteers formed a team to go into the homeless encampments located around the county.  In 2015, DeSoto Cares Homeless Services began the process of attaining a service center for showers, laundry, mailboxes, phone and internet access, and referral services.  In December 2015, the service center opened in rented space at 159 South Orange Avenue in Arcadia. DeSoto Cares Homeless Services became incorporated in April 2016 and became a 501 (c) (3) organization in July 2016. The service center is staffed by volunteers and currently open three mornings a week.

What is the Tiny Town Project?

DeSoto Cares is planning a community of tiny homes in Arcadia, Florida to provide housing for the homeless. Each small home will be fully furnished and complete with all home needs. Please click here to find out more about the TinyTown Village.

Has work begun on the Project?

DeSoto Cares owns the property it hopes to build on and basic site work such as survey and engineering have been done or are about to be completed. Next are permit applications and approval by the City of Arcadia and DeSoto County.

     Update on Tiny Town Project:

     Groundbreaking took place on December 3rd, 2021. Work has begun on the property. Contractor has been hired and plans have been drawn up showing two phases. The first phase will have 11 buildings and the second phase will have approximately 24 buildings. Also, Property management has been hired. 

How do I sign up?

Please go to the Register tab for more details. Click here for the Registration site:

How do I contact the Event Director?

You can reach Karen Smoke, Event Director by emailing her at:

Or leave a message or text at 863-558-0532 and we will get back with you.

Is there a minimum fundraising requirement?

Fundraising is not mandatory. But if every rider asks twenty friends to donate $5, the dollars will add up.

What is my registration fee used for?

The registration fees are used to cover ride expenses such as insurance, T-shirts, food, printing etc. We do our best to seek in-kind donations to help keep ride expenses down.

Why do you want to know what bike club I belong to?

The bike club with the most riders participating will be recognized at the event lunch.

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